Laminated Card with ID card reel

Laminated Card with ID card reel


All courses include a free digital certification that you will receive in your email once course is completed. Digital certifications take between 24-72 hours. These digital certifications can be saved to your computer also a printed card option for no charge.


Order a physical card ahead and have it available immediately after class-


Laminated Card with ID card reel- The retractable round badge reels with belt clips will help you keep your ID and certification card within your reach at all times, without the risk of losing it.

Enclosed in a water-resistant, tear  resistant durable PVC material pouch.


  •  ID card reel
  • Nylon Cord: 30 Inches in length
  • Free shipping within the U.S
  • Pick from purple, pink, gray, green,orange, yellow, black, red, white and blue



For an additional $7.00 you can receive your laminated card after class.