CPR Mask Keychain Ring + QR CODE

CPR Mask Keychain Ring + QR CODE


CPR Mask Keychain Ring


  • CPR face mask lows resistance unidirectional valve and water filter are combined to block fluid and secretions, Increase oxygen concentration,valves and filters together played a barrier to rescuer and the patient. Prevents mouth-to-mouth contact and risk of infection or contamination.
  • Nylon, Our CPR masks are made of high quality nylon pouch and polyethylene fiber.
  • CPR face shield apply to a heart attack, drowning, suffocation, or other unexpected events caused by coma and respiratory and cardiac arrest. It is a must-have item for all CPR trained personnel to carry with them at all times.
  • FDA  appoved.


  • When you take a Red Cross course include a mini QR certification with your key chain!!


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Face Shield Key Chain