CAT tourniquet (+) Shears

CAT tourniquet (+) Shears


CAT tourniquet plus Trauma Shears, spin tournament tourniquet, tactical arterial emergency tourniquet, one hand operation, fast and practical, accidental scratches, cut, hemostasis effect. The tourniquet uses a durable winch system that has a free-moving inner band that provides true round pressure to the lower limbs.


1, The real one-handed tourniquet,
2. Experience with conventional and special combat forces is 100% effective in blocking blood flow in both upper limbs and lower extremities
3, Can be applied by the senior first responders or applications
4, Rapid control of life-threatening end of bleeding
5, Velcro medical hemostatic belt design in a variety of weather conditions
6, Buckle design, non-latex, small and cost effective
7. Military applications, medical assistance, tactics
8, Arterial bleeding / blood collection
9, Easy to clean and reusable


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