Wilderness First Aid(WFA)

You love spending time in the woods. You long for relaxation and adventure in the grandeur of the great outdoors.

But, how about dealing with an emergency in the middle of nowhere? When there are few resources and limited communication to the outside world?

And you confront a life-threatening situation?

Wilderness First Aid is intended for those who participate in and enjoy basic outdoor activities and is considered suitable for day hikers, campers and general recreationists.

Wilderness First Aid is the most basic level of training in Wilderness Medicine. Wilderness Medicine is the practice of emergency medicine when you are far from a hospital.

In environments that are remote and where circumstances are challenging. For leaders who need training that enables them to make basic medical decisions. And lead those around them through a process of safe emergency response and patient care.

Far more comprehensive than a basic first aid class.

Successful completion requires full attendance. Students are tested to show they retain a significant proportion of the material.

It is a two-day class that results in a two-year certification.

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