Online-vs-Onsite CPR Training

If you google search CPR Class these days you'll find many websites, some are legit others not so legit. Some things to consider before throwing your money away and not learning CPR through an accredited agency.


Companies that promise recognized, complete online CPR certification are basically scams. The regulating bodies for CPR certification, including the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute do not recognize any online certification as legal. While studying at home can teach you the needed skills to perform CPR, you won't be able to use the certificate you obtain to enroll in any type of certification course that requires CPR certification, such as personal training, nursing, home health aide, etc.


Many companies that advertise CPR certifications online are actually selling first aid courses. Because they don't focus exclusively on CPR, they are allowed by law to offer a certificate of completion, which is still not recognized by the certifying bodies mentioned above. You must be able to practice and pass a skills test in order to be certified in CPR.


When looking at online CPR certifications, some things to keep in mind to verify whether the certification is legitimate or not, are: a practical skills station; a final test that must be passed in front of an instructor; the seal of the American Heart Association, Red Cross, American Safety & Health Institute validating the certification; a CPR card/certification that must be renewed (lifetime certifications don't exist).

Yes, there’s E-learning classes offered for CPR AED however the legit course will require you to meet an instructor to pass a skills test. If you find an online course that does not require you to meet with an instructor, it’s most likely a scam.

Accredited organizations include:

(AHA) American Heart Association | (ARC) Red Cross | (NSC) National Safety Council | (ASHI) (MEDIC) American Safety & Health Institute | (ECSI) Emergency Care & Safety Institute.

If you are not sure send me an email so you don’t waste money on a certification that is invalid.

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