CPR AED/ First Aid Training In Hotels

Imagine the following scenarios:

A guest is having a heart attack in the hotel lobby

A guest hits their head on a table and is unconscious

A child is pulled from the hotel pool and is not breathing

An employee cuts their hand and can’t stop bleeding

An employee is suddenly having a hard time breathing and is in distress

Would your employees know what to do in those situations? Would they have the CPR and first aid training to jump in and help? Is your security staff up-to-date with qualifications? If you have AED's at your hotel(s) does your staff know how to use them? Do they have the confidence to step up during an emergency? Having quality CPR and first aid training would guarantee that your staff would be able to handle these and other life threatening situations.

Sudden cardiac arrest can occur at any time, managers need to be prepared to provide life-saving treatment to their guests or clients. Whether you work at a hotel, restaurant, gym or cruise line, you need to ensure the safety of your clients by planning for all types of emergencies.

AngelmedicCPR.com providing the tools and training to save lives.

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