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Sudden cardiac arrest can occur at any time, your employees need to be prepared to provide life-saving treatment to their guests or clients. Whether you work at a hotel, restaurant, or cruise line, you need to ensure the safety of your clients by planning for all types of emergencies.

When guests spend time at resorts, theme parks, and other businesses in the hospitality industry, they expect to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their stay. Why CPR-certification is crucial in any business are as follows:

  • A Safe Environment: While many employers do their best to keep resorts safe for their guests and staff members, there is always the potential for accidents or medical emergencies. Having most or all of your employees trained in basic life-saving skills can protect the groups of people in a particular establishment.

  • Customer Satisfaction: When a business assures that guests are being taken care of with top-notch customer service that includes CPR training, both the employees and guests can feel at ease.

  • On average it takes 15 minutes or longer for Emergency Medical Services to arrive on scene. Every second counts when someone is in cardiac arrest. We make sure your staff is confident to respond and use an AED.

  • First aid and CPR/ AED training save lives, so knowing that a resort is staffed with employees who are CPR-certified can make the customer experience safer and more enjoyable.

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