How did Angelmedic CPR

come about?

Well, the owner and founder, Tina, with currently 30 years in EMS and over 21 of those years under her belt as an Orlando paramedic, had enough of ambulance work and decided she needed some adventure. You would think she would be ready to take a back seat and a long vacation wouldn't you? Nope, she gets bored easily and when she gets bored, things can get a little bit crazy! Her last 8 years as a paramedic she decided to quit life on the ambulance and become a contract medic.

She has travelled all over the world, plying her trade to help people in places like warzones in the Middle East, and Mali in Africa, the UN's most heavily hit operation in their history. Terrified of flying she would be flown up to the front line with her team to extract wounded soldiers, stabilize them and get them to hospitals all over Africa. She has been a ships medic on various vessels from the Gulf of Mexico to the pirate infested waters off the coast of Mozambique, she spent a fair while on an Australian detention Island and even a Gold mine back in Africa.

What next? Well she got bored again and Angelmedic CPR was born! She is still a current Paramedic and every now and then the phone rings and she goes off on a little adventure! When you are calling around looking for a school to teach you, come to us, our instructors all come with a fantastic background and knowledge and if you're lucky, you might even have our very own little legend teaching you! One thing's for sure, you'll struggle to find a training centre with a better pedigree!

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Taji, Iraq
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Owner/ Lead Instructor